Welcome to Wetter

Wetter (Ruhr): Beautiful prospects!

Visitors who are in Wetter for their first time are surprised: They see a lot of green, the picturesque Lake Harkort, the delightful Ruhr valley, charming old houses - all that is Wetter. Of course no metropolis, but anyhow in the thick of it and less than half an hour’s drive away from the large cities of the Ruhr District. Wetter is a 20 minutes drive away from Dortmund, the inter-urban train S 5 operates in a 30 minutes interval between Dortmund (also Bochum and Essen) and Wetter.

The beautiful Ruhr valley as well as the carefully restored historical and modern housing construction are appreciated by the approximately 30,000 inhabitants in the Ruhr city. Two thirds of the city are designated as recovery areas, which is of course appreciated by the “Wetteraner”, the inhabitants of Wetter, and guests from elsewhere. Beautiful and signposted cycle routes in the nature, along the embankment, on the traces of the mining industry or through the historical village centres as well as the near-perfect cycling and inline skating possibilities at the Harkort reservoir lake or at the Ruhr – those are certainly the city’s bright sides.

In Wetter, traditions are kept alive – evidences are, among others, the remains of two castles in the Old Town of Wetter and in the district of Volmarstein. This town is the birthplace of the lock industry, and is recognised as the cradle of industrialisation in Germany: At the beginning of the 19th century Wetter was the “engine” of Westphalia’s industry due to the industrial pioneer Friedrich Harkort. In 1818, Harkort founded the “Mechanische Werkstätten Harkort & Co.” (Mechanical Workshop Harkort & Cie.) in today's castle ruin “Freiheit” (Freedom). This company was the first steel manufacturing plant in Westphalia.

Regarding living traditions: In the district of Wengern, the visitor can get to know Henriette Davidis. The parson´s daughter, born at the beginning of the 19th century, was the first to wright a cookery book with recipes not only of regional origin but from all over germany. A enclosure of her fireplace has been immured in a railway underpass in remembrance of Davidis. There are also some restaurants in the village which use her recipes. One should not miss a visit to the Henriette Davidis Museum, situated in a small half-timbered house in the historical village centre. The museum reflects Henriette Davidis’s life and contemporary history. Sightseeing tours provide a diverting and compact insight into the town. They are organised by the Stadtmarketing Office regularly on Sundays.

Places of interest (non-exhaustive list):

- Castle Ruins in Volmarstein and Old Town of Wetter
- City Hall (built in 1909), Old Town of Wetter
- Village Centre Volmarstein
- Village Centre Wengern
-  Henriette Davidis Museum, Wengern
-  Lake Harkort, Alt-Wetter